My review of using Bitcoloan platform


The word ‘CRYPTOCURRENCY’ is currently on everyone’s lips all over the world. Exploring into this exhilarating and new world of all-online digital currency, not susceptible to any rule or law, can make people feel they are striding into the future. There’s so much to know about these digital currencies, it’s importance and a clear understanding of how they work and what they can do before you plunge into buying a cryptocoin or investing in it. Here on BITCOLOAN you’re going to know everything about crypto lending, how to become an investor, how to profit together with your partners and many more.


   Bitcoloan is a peer-to-peer crypto lending platform – they help those who need money find people willing to bail them out. It wouldn’t be so easy without our quick search though; with its help lenders and borrowers can find a relevant offer in just a couple of minutes. Bitcoloan is not a bank or any financial institution. Most importantly, the company helps people find what they are looking for. If a person is desperate for money, Bitcoloan finds them a lender. Besides, they also offer a bunch of investment options for those who seek to make their assets work for them.


Signing up on Bitcoloan platform and earning is an easy process. You can just visit the site here then click on Start Earning and create an account using your E-mail or Mobile no, and get started.


    The structure of your dashboard is very convenient and easy to use. There are 6 main sections of your personal account;

HOME TAB: It’s an initial page of the cabinet which displays total balance, the clients rating and list of opportunities to increase it.

HISTORY TAB: A page that list all financial transactions on your account.

DEPOSIT TAB: A page where you can invest your funds lend to the lender and receive best income which will be credited automatically over 24 hours to your balance.

LOAN: In this section anyone can receive credit files for their personal use and collateral in the form of BTC. Credit is credited in USDT at the rate to Btc at the time of the transaction. You independently choose the desired loan amount and it’s a period for which the funds are issued. After that, the system will calculate the amount that you must repay at the end of the term of using the credit money as well as required amount of collateral in the bitcoin cryptocurrency.

PARTNERS: The section is created to receive additional perceive earning for any user of their service. You have the opportunity to build your personal businesses structure in Bitcoloan platform and threaten your partners.

SETTINGS: This space displays your personal information, in these sections you need to specify your name, phone number, telegram account and added photo to your profile. It is also possible to connect your social networks to your account like Facebook and Twitter to conveniently share information about their service with your friends and increase your own team.


  I just got to be using Bitcoloan for a while now and I can say it’s a great platform that could be used by anyone who is investing in crypto. I have been investing in other platforms like Binance, Blockchain and Trx wallet but the opportunities I have here on Bitcoloan are far better and easier for me. I have tested the platform and have earned quite good. I also engaged myself in the Academy course through the Bitcoloan app (which is available on Appstore) where I was enlightened more about their product and also bagged a certificate at the end of the academy activities. Through the certificate I was able to get 50usd to my bitcoloan account after sending a recorded video review showing my certificate.

The Bitcoloan platform fulfils its promises to its clients and never lets anyone down. It’s a decentralized lending platform that pays you interest for lending your crypto assets to others. For example, if you decide to lend out $150 – $500 BTC the bitcoloan platform will match you with borrowers who need it. You get to decide on your own how long you want to lend your money out. It has a lot of users and over thousands of daily visits according to my traffic analysis which is very okay because for a decentralized lending platform to be truly effective, there has to be a extensive number of lenders and borrowers.


   So that’s my review about the platform and if you want to test out the Bitcoloan platform and earn a lot like me then feel free to join the platform through my referral link here and user code 10BOOST to get 10% on your investment

Thank You